Reinforced Glass Walls

The beauty of glass walls is enhanced by a sleek and minimalist frame. Low-profile channels eliminate the need for vertical posts and mullions, for a cleaner look.

In search for more transparency and slender structures, it was necessary to find new methods to use structural glass capacity more efficiently. In two buildings the glass was able to transfer the lateral loads completely, without the need for steel braces.

Frosted Sliding Glass Walls

Whether you are looking to create a new living space or simply wanting to make the most of a gorgeous view, a moving glass wall is a great way to open up your home to the outdoors. Unlike traditional sliding patio doors, these movable walls offer an unobstructed view and the ability to blend indoor/outdoor living with style. They are also energy efficient, which means you’ll have to turn the lights on less, saving money on electricity bills.

Frosted glass walls are a stylish way to increase privacy in any office environment. Rather than a closed-off cubicle, employees will be able to view the rest of the office and choose the optimal time to approach their colleagues. This helps to improve employee relationships and boost productivity.

Additionally, these frosted glass walls allow natural light to flow into offices and improve the overall atmosphere. Research has shown that people who work in well-lit environments are able to focus better and have more energy throughout the day. This is a big reason why many companies choose to install frosted glass office partitions in their commercial spaces. These movable walls are available in a variety of frame designs and can be custom-cut to fit any space. They can also be specified to fit into a standard construction schedule and not require forced “hold” dimensions that can extend the timeline of a project.

Tinted Sliding Glass Walls

Adding window tint is a great way to add privacy to your glass wall while still being able to enjoy the view. It also helps with energy efficiency by maintaining indoor temperatures during the winter and summer and it provides a barrier that protects furniture, curtains or wall art or pictures from harmful UV rays and excessive exposure to sunlight.

Reinforcing stained glass windows can be a complicated task because there are so many factors that come into play. There are also many different ways to do it and the best solution will depend on your design, location and other factors. Some methods include Copper Re-Strip, a braided copper strip or Strong Line, which is a flat metal strip that can be inserted between foiled shapes or next to the heart of lead came (not to be confused with the braided wire for lead that’s called ‘Fins’).

Another method involves using Saddle Bars, which are round steel rods drilled and fixed into the frame and then soldered onto your stained glass. These are good for a variety of applications, including larger windows that need to withstand wind loads or deflection limits.

Frameless Sliding Glass Walls

As a leading office design trend, open offices call for movable walls that are durable, functional and beautiful. Our framed sliding glass wall systems are a cost-effective and sustainable solution that combines beauty with durability, providing a movable workspace that’s comfortable for collaboration and meetings. With their transparency, natural light and acoustical buffering, our framed glass wall systems let in fresh air and visual appeal while guarding privacy.

NanaWall’s all glass framed sliding wall system provides the look of extended transparent sightlines with frameless interior office fronts, maximizing daylighting and achieving a clean aesthetic. NanaWall PrivaSEE is the only all glass single track sliding system engineered for enhanced acoustical separation. It’s available with a standard clear laminated (unit STC of 32) or a frosted, etched or locally-sourced glass option for increased sound buffering.

NanaWall HSW75 offers an unlimited span of top-hung center pivot folding systems with paired panels to optimize space management or solve unique design challenges between support columns. Featuring narrow top and bottom rail heights with minimal framing, these systems eliminate visual interruptions to extend open lines of sight. These systems are also available in a full weather-rated version, ClimaCLEAR, for use as an exterior glass storefront. This system is designed to meet the stringent requirements of wind load, snow load and impact resistance for a safe opening and closure.

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