7 Things to Know about University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is also known by U ofT. It is a well-known university in Canada, particularly for international students. It offers courses from architecture to Zoology. The university was established 193 years back in 1827. The University of Toronto is a top-ranked university with a distinguished faculty and infrastructure. It has produced 5,60,000 graduates to date. The total number of enrolled students is 93000. It has donated millions of dollars to its students for financial assistance.

The University offers a variety of scholarships for students. Check out the information on the various scholarships. Here are six facts you need to know about the University of Toronto . You should also be familiar with information if you have been admitted.

Make your courses

At the University of Toronto you can design your degree and take courses beyond your degree according to your interests. You may take courses from several departments during your first academic year. You can take a variety of courses in your first year to learn more and make a decision about which one you will pursue over the next two years. U of T offers over 700 undergraduate programs as well as 200 undergraduate programs. To get your degree, you’ll need to take certain courses.

Every course has different elective classes that you can choose from. See the full list of academic programmes here.

Three Campuses

U of T is Canada’s largest university. The three campuses include St. George Campus Scarborough Campus, Mississauga Campus, and St. George Campus. St. Geroge Campus boasts 62.864 students, Scarborough Campus boasts 16,014 and Mississauga Campus boasts 14,203 students. See the details about each campus’ offerings. Each campus has its own unique set of opportunities.


This is the most important fact about U & T. It has been widely recognized by newspapers, magazines and journals both nationally and internationally. U and T were awarded the top ranking by National Taiwan University. U and T are listed in the US Maganizes’ top 25 public universities. provides more information.


U and T hosts students from 159 nations. 70.000 of the 93000 undergraduate students are from the United States, while 23000 are from overseas. The University welcomes students from Asia as well as North America and South America. The University hosts 1553 Indian students. The University is committed towards fostering an inclusive culture at its Campus. International students will have higher chances of being accepted to University. No matter which degree you pursue at U.T., you will be more aware of diversity and other cultures during your three to four years there .

Notable alumni and alumni network

U and T have produced many prominent alumni. Lester B. Pearson is a former Canadian Prime Minister, Margaret Atwood is a well-known writer and many other notable alumni. U and T not only have many distinguished alumni but also have a vast Alumni network. Through their extensive alumni network, it is easy to make contact with former graduates. To keep you connected to your alumni network and continue learning, the alumni network organizes various events. You can view the detailed alumni page.


Toronto boasts 44 libraries. It is Canada’s largest network of libraries. Collectively, the libraries hold 12 million books across 341 languages. The University of Toronto can be your paradise if you love to read. The library is divided into different subjects and disciplines. There is an Astronomy Library; Business Library; Criminology Library; and 41 additional libraries with over 12 million books. You can view the Library list or Library division by subjects .

Libraries have many eResources that can Dr Jean Chen UofT be used to help people read and make the most of difficult times. Find out how to make the most of U andT libraries .

Other Quick Facts

Other quick facts are also important. Meditation is encouraged at many places throughout the University. It encourages inclusivity and offers many spaces where you can practice your religion. There are many support centres and other resources available to students who need financial assistance. provides more information and other quick facts.

English communication is a great option for those who struggle with time management. There are many workshops offered to help you achieve your goals. It provides financial assistance as well as scholarships. You can find out more information about it here.

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