SWTOR Guide For Picking Empire Classes

 Each and every class in Swtor falls under two fractions. And there are four classes per fraction, making this eight classes in total. Of these eight classes with Swtor credits, one may choose any class they find the most fun. One should choose a class based on their playing style and what they enjoy playing as. Not based on what others claim to be the best one. Any and all classes have their time to shine under different circumstances, as this is what they’re made for. One can bring any one of these eight classes into an endgame and still make it through with success. Here, one can learn which style suits them the best and make their choices accordingly.

Empire Fraction:

The four classes that belong to this fraction are explained below:

  • Sith Warrior:

If one wants to charge straight into their enemy and take the whole heat of their enemy blows, a Sith Warrior is perfect for them. They deal rage based attacks. The weapons they use include single lightsabers or double lightsabers, training sabers or vibroswords. They usually fit the role of a tank or a DPS melee. Sith Warriors use heavy armor or medium armor for more speed. Like every other of the basic eight classes, it is divided into two advanced classes. This includes Sith Marauder and Sith Juggernaut.

  • Sith Inquisitor: 

Suppose one loves playing with focus, landing precise moves and killing the target more quickly. They deal damage through force-based attacks and abilities. These are achieved with the help of weapons like single lightsabers or double lightsabers, training sabers or vibroswords, much like a Sith Warrior. They usually are able to fit many roles like a tank or a DPS, melee, healer or range. Sith inquisitors are limited to using light armor. This class advances to two subclasses, including Sith Assassin and Sith Sorcerer.

  • Bounty Hunters:

This is great if one wants to play with versatility in close quarters and on the battlefield while handling the best of tech. Bounty Hunters are great at adapting to different situations and can fit roles like ranged DPS, healer or tank. They deal heat-based attacks with weapons like pistols and dual-wielded blasters. They need to choose between an advanced class of Powertech or Mercenary.

  • Imperial Agent: 

If one enjoys attacking enemies with the element of surprise and operating behind the scenes, this is exactly what they would enjoy like eso gold. An imperial agent operates secretly solo or with a team. They use state-of-the-art weapons like vibroknives, blaster riffles or Sniper rifles. They equip medium amour and fill the role of DPS, healer, melee or range.

They, later on, advance on to advanced classes of Sniper or Operative.